Richer Writing
Teresa Sari FitzPatrick
If you are reading this blog, you probably love writing. And if you love writing, you probably love it when someone tells you your writing is really good. Whether you get that response from a friend, a parent, a teacher, or even an editor, nothing feels better than getting a good reaction to something you’ve written.
So how do we get that reaction? Beyond the normal rules of good writing (proper grammar, spelling, and sensible structure), there are many techniques you can use to make your writing richer and more pleasant to read. Let’s call them tricks of the writing trade.
Every week in this blog, I hope to discuss lots of these techniques and how to use them. I will give you examples of each technique, and hopefully, you can get back to me with examples of your own, whether you write them yourself, or find them in something you are reading. Great writers have great techniques at their disposal, and you can have them too. It may take some thinking and some imagination to put these techniques to work, but once you know them, you will always have them available to you.
It is fun to write, but it’s even more fun to write well, using a little imagination to make your writing even richer. Then, when you share your writing, whether its poetry, stories, essays, whatever, you will know that your writing is as rich as you can make it. And who knows, maybe you will even end up getting published! So, I hope you’ll join me next week. We will discuss an easy technique you can use in all sorts of writing. See you then!