By Lena Van

Stock characters are found in ninety-percent of books and films. Here is a list of the seven most common character tropes in fiction (according to me):

1. Mary-Sue: According to its Wikipedia page, a “Mary-Sue” is a protagonist character who represents the author. Mary Sues tend to display unnatural talent, the ability to bewitch and enamor everyone around them and the sense that they can do no wrong. Ex. Bella Swan

2. Bully: They come in many forms. They can be the mean cheerleader, the overbearing boss or the dimwitted punk that likes to go around beating up people for no reason. Ex. Dudley Dursley

3. Anti-hero: A protagonist who usually lacks common traits associated with a hero like courage or moral decency. Ex. Artemis Fowl

4. Byronic hero: A sort of anti-hero that was first popularized by the English Romantic poet Lord Byron. According to its Wikipedia page, they tend to display these following traits: arrogant, cunning, cynical, emotionally conflicted, having a troubled past, etc. Ex. Edward Cullen

5. Femme Fatale: She is usually a mysterious, seductive woman who uses her charms to get what she wants . Ex. Every Bond girl in the James Bond series

6. Perfectionist: Like the name implies. Must be flawless in everything. Ex. Ender Wiggins

7. Mentor: Usually the older wise guy that guides the protagonist through life. Ex. Albus Dumbledore