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Girls Run The World met this Tuesday and experimented with Blackout Poetry. If you remember from earlier assignments, this form of poetry allows you to use a text that is already printed and find your poem within it. This is one of my favorites from the evening. I will attempt to post a few each week with their scanned originals.

The stanza that reads, “I shut my eyes, I picture grandchildren someday” is so well crafted and emotionally charged. I am proud of the girls and their hard work.


My sister
decided not to

kind people
imagined things
a burning desire
crisscrossed the globe
each thing had a purpose
only to bring beauty into
our life.

lovingly swirls of
colors in paint-stained handprint
would have to go

I shut my eyes
I picture
grandchildren someday.

Things I miss are
my belonginings
create a whole home.

I will…

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