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Finalist # 2 – Shanyah Holt, Story – Toddlers for Breakfast

Shanyah Holt, a member of Mighty Writers programs, is in grade 3 at E.M. Stanton in Philadelphia.

Toddlers for Breakfast

By Shanyah Holt

E.M. Stanton, Grade 3

via Mighty Writers

Hippo was looking for his breakfast. He likes to eat toddlers for breakfast. Hippo is always greedy. He is careless.

One day Hippo was looking for his friend Pinocchio. Pinocchio is a wooden boy. Pinocchio’s nose grows every time he lies, and that is often. He always says, “I am wooden, you cannot defeat me!”

Suddenly, they were hiking and found a frozen boy. Hippo said, “We will eat like kings!”

But the boy was frozen. Then, Hippo fell asleep.

Pinocchio got an idea. “I will smash the ice with my head.” Next, Pinocchio smashed his head so hard on the ice.

Hippo woke up and said, “Where am I? Am I dead?” They ate the frozen boy for lunch and went to go look for dinner.

In the end, that night, they wished upon a star, and wished to be invisible.

When they woke up, they said, “Yes, our wish came true!” They went to eat all the people in the world.

The End