Pinocchio Writing & Art Contest (Like/Comment on Your Favorite!)
Finalist # 5 – Ashley Hoernig, Story – The Flower Nosed Sleeper

Ashley Hoernig, age 10, attends Greenwood Elementary School in Kennett Square. She is a rising 5th grader.

The Flower Nosed Sleeper

BY: Ashley Hoernig

Once upon a time there was a doll named Pinocchio and he lied A LOT!

Whenever he lied his nose would turn into a flower. But… when his nose turns into a flower he sees a shooting star so he can make a wish. The wish he always made was to be able to sleep because he could not sleep on his own. So whenever he got to sleep it made him very happy. When Pinocchio would sleep his flower nose would die and turn back to normal. So when his nose was fully back to normal he would awaken from his sleep. That would make him very mad and whenever he got mad he would talk it out with his magical pet goldfish that could talk and that would make him feel much better. When he felt better he would lie again and his nose would turn into a flower and he would see a shooting star so he can make the wish to sleep and when his flower nose died he would get mad and talk to his pet fish again. This would just keep going on and on because he lied. One day he could not lie. He could not lie because he ran out of lies! So when he ran out of lies he just started walking in the little village and he came across a hobbledehoy which is an awkward young fellow.

They both started talking to each other but instead of Pinocchio lying he was talking truthfully. When they were done with their conversation that was of course about a rainbow because Pinocchio loves rainbows, a rainbow suddenly appeared right in front of him and he could touch it and sit on it. So he climbed the rainbow and on the other side instead of there being a pot of gold there was a camel. He was scared of camels so he ran back. When he got back he was really tired so he went to talk it out with his goldfish. His pet understood very much how tired he was. So the fish finally revealed that he was a wizard in disguise to look like a fish waiting for the day to come for Pinocchio to talk truthfully and that day was today! When he finished saying how he could grant wishes Pinocchio said well since you’re a wizard can you make me be able to sleep without having to lie?

The wizard said no because he said Pinocchio had to find all the people he lied to and apologize to them. Pinocchio said ok. Pinocchio went into the village to apologize to all the people he lied to, after he apologized to all the people he lied to he went back to the wizard and asked if he could grant his wish so he could sleep on his own. But the wizard said NO! The wizard said no because Pinocchio has to do one more task to get his wish granted and the task is that he has to do two good deeds so again Pinocchio said ok. So he rushed off to the village to do his two good deeds.

When Pinocchio was walking around in the village he found a sign on a restaurant that said “HELP NEEDED”. So Pinocchio thought I should go see what they need help doing and help them and that will be my first good deed. So he went inside and asked the manager what they needed help doing. The manager said what I really need help doing is cleaning this place up. Pinocchio could see that by the looks of the place. Pinocchio said I could help what do you want me to do? The manager said could you clear the tabletops? Pinocchio said sure. When he finished he asked the manager if he needed any more help he said no and thanked Pinocchio for helping out. When Pinocchio walked out he officially had one good deed done and one to go. As Pinocchio was walking around he came across a man finishing some food. When suddenly the man fell to the ground. Pinocchio quickly found a phone and called 911.

The ambulance soon came and thanked Pinocchio for saving this man’s life and they rushed the man off to the hospital. And that was his second good deed done. When he got back to the wizard Pinocchio asked him if his wish could be granted. And the wizard said yes. Pinocchio was relieved because he was so tired but the wizard said on one condition and that was if Pinocchio never lied again. Pinocchio said yes and that was a promise. So Pinocchio got his wish to be able to sleep on his own and he fell fast asleep. And that’s the story of how Pinocchio finally got to sleep without having to lie.

The End.