Student’s name: Zakaa Cruse

Schools: Edwin Stanton Elementary School and Mighty Writers Academy

Grade: 6th

Age: 12

Bio: Zakaa likes to draw and he’s interested in cartoons, comic books and animation. He’s currently attending a drawing workshop on Saturdays at the University of the Arts. He is also a big sports fan. His favorite athletes are: Allen Iverson, Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali.

Zakaa Cruse 6th grade

Oscar preview

This year there are five animated shorts that are nominated for an Oscar. The nominees are “Feral”, “Get a Horse!”, “Mr. Hublot”, “Possessions”, and “Room on the Broom”. All these animated shorts are different. The directors are from four different countries: USA, Japan, England, and France. They each have different characters and settings. Here is my review of the five shorts.

In “Feral”, the main character  is a boy who is raised by wolves. An adult man adopts him and puts him in school. The boys at school make fun of him and he regains his wolf instincts and acts crazy. At the end, he is locked up and then he escapes back to the wilderness. I liked the animation of the wolves because they looked realistic.

In “Get a Horse!”, they retell an old Mickey Mouse cartoon. I liked “Get a Horse!” because the characters came out of the screen and the movie became multi dimensional.

In “Possessions”, a Japanese samurai  has to deal with bad spirits in clothes and other items. “Possessions” had the best animated characters because it had great details and it was very colorful.

“Room on the Broom” is an animated version of a children’s book by Julia Donaldson. A witch has to deal with lost items. I like the imagination of the new broom at the end.

My nominee for the best animated short is “Mr. Hublot”. This is a story about a man who lives by himself. He saves a stray dog and takes care of it. The dog grows bigger and bigger and at the end of the story Mr. Hublot takes the dog across the street and buys a bigger house. In Matt Golberg’s review of this film he says, “There’s not much depth beyond the premise, but the exciting visuals make Mr. Hublot a joy to watch.” I agree. My favorite part of the visuals was when the dog grew. In the opening scene, the dog is sitting by Mr. Hublot. In the closing scene, he demolishes all the furniture. I would like to see a full length movie where  they get a huge mansion and they realize the dog was a she. She then has babies and they grow bigger than their Mom.

Overall, all the movies were wonderful and deserving of an Oscar. I was very impressed by the animation I saw. I wish all of the animated shorts good luck on Sunday, March 2, 2014.