'Slavery at Jefferson’s Monticello' at the National Constitution Center

Hey, How’s it going everybody?  This is your girl Ophelia on location at the National Constitution Center.  I’m doing a spring edition walk-through of its latest exhibition called Slavery at Jefferson’s Monticello.  This new exhibit looks at the lives of enslaved families who lived and worked at Jefferson’s home.. As many of us already know, Thomas Jefferson was instrumental in shaping colonial America’s mission and vision to have individual freedom and equality. However, Jefferson personally owned slaves at his Monticello plantation in Virginia. Hmmmmm.

The centerpiece of this fresh new exhibition is the six enslaved families who worked at Thomas Jefferson’s plantation:  the Fosset, Granger, Gillette, Hemings, Hern and Hubbard families.  The National Constitution Center tells their side of the story through 280 historical artifacts that belonged to the families and to Thomas Jefferson. There is also a large amount of secondary and primary source material about slavery and everyday life at his plantation called Monticello.

The exhibition also not only displays historical narratives about members of those six families, but also on provides information on their modern day living descendants who want to achieve recognition for their enslaved ancestors.

Remember! Mark your calendars and reminder apps, and check out this powerful and impressive exhibition from April 9 to October 19, 2014.

Slavery at Jefferson’s Monticello at the National Constitution Center
When: April 9-October 19
Where: National Constitution Center, 525 Arch Street.
Cost: Included in general admission or free if you have a STAMP pass.
More info: www.constitutioncenter.org

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This post was written by Ophelia Murray, a STAMP Teen Council member. Ophelia attends Imhotep Charter High School.